RoomeR product shot-2-2Jereon’s grandmother came up with a plan – keep making elderflower liqueur and no one in her family could stay away. Needless to say it worked, worked so well that her grandson took up the helm and made all of Belgium want it as well.

Little by little, RoomeR has grown from a small cottage industry, selling 200 bottles a month, to now producing over 100,000 bottles a year. Not only does it tastes delicious, but it couldn’t be prettier. Pure white elderflower petals dance around in the golden liqueur within its iconic, test-tube like bottle!

Jereon and his partner, Tine, have worked hard to make RoomeR a socially responsible workplace, employing those who might not be able to work otherwise. They are dedicated to making their company as green as possible – no preservatives are used, their boxes and crates are recyclable and the bottles are returnable. With one sip, you are not only part of the RoomeR family, but also helping to change the world!


Where you can hear me drinking next:

I’ll be spending the American holiday July 4th at Imbibe Live – the UK’s most important drinks conference and what will we be drinking there? Why, Woodford Reserve Bourbon of course! Tom Vernon, their Global Brand Ambassador, is with me on that very independent of holidays to drink that very American of spirits!

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